PeaceHealth “MediLocator” App for iOS and Android

We created the initial prototype hospital navigation app for Bellingham’s PeaceHealth St. Joseph Hospital in 2012. The app was widely lauded and embraced by customers and employees of the Bellingham hospital system. Following the success of the “MediLocator” in Bellingham, the PeaceHealth hospital system chose to create an expanded comprehensive app which would include all the medical centers in PeaceHealth’s 10-hospital network.

The app provided users with quick access to all health professionals at any PeaceHealth hospital, directions to any office using the mobile device’s GPS, and wayfinding to specific offices within each hospital building and floor. The app also gave users the ability to mark specific doctors and locations as “favorites” for quicker navigation.

Development included communication with the PeaceHealth network’s internal database, creation of a copy of portions of the database on a dedicated app server, and copy of most-used pieces of the database onto the client’s mobile device. Regular updates happened at scheduled times. Real-time updates were done of current emergency room wait-times.

In 2013 we completed the first version of the complete system app, including all medical centers, personnel, and offices in the 3 state PeaceHealth region. The app has since been maintained by a separate contractor with the hospital system.