Bicycle Festival App for Android and iOS

The Northwest Tandem Rally, a 5-day bicycle festival, was held in Bellingham WA in July 2015. We created a mobile app to help attendees navigate the events of the festival.

The app included daily schedule, route maps of bicycle rides on all 4 days, locations of amenities (bike shops, restaurants, brewpubs, restrooms, etc) along the bicycle maps, daily announcements, sponsors, and contact information. Navigation was supplied from the user’s location to the chosen local destination.

All user information was kept on a central server (Heroku, running Ruby/Rails) and we created a local web form for updates and changes to all user information. New sponsors could be added and they would immediately appear on the app. Changes in details and special offers could be added and would immediately appear on a restaurant or brewpub announcement on the app.

The app runs on iOS and Android OS. It is easily configurable to be used for bicycle events in any city.