Northwest Tandem Rally 2015 Event

We directed the 2015 Northwest Tandem Rally event, a 5-day festival held in Bellingham during the summer of 2015. As event manager/organizer, we assembled a committee of 15 directors, engaged nearly 100 volunteers, 60 sponsors, and put on a festival which was attended by more than 800 tandem bicycle riders.

Aspects of the festival included: automated registration and attendee options and details,  organization of 4 days of supported bicycle rides, donations of discounts, merchandise, and cash from sponsors, design and creation and sale of merchandise (T-shirts, socks, hats, bicycle jerseys, souvenir pins, posters), marketing, publicity, nationwide advertising, participation from local nonprofits and merchants, insurance, accommodations, camping, hotels, overnight-stays at WWU dormitories, mobile app design, website maintenance, meals planning, raffle prizes, banquet entertainment, community events, and numerous details and loose ends.

We are currently acting as festival/event consultants for the groups organizing the 2016 Tandem Rally (Klamath Falls, Oregon) and the 2017 event (Seattle, WA).