About Jennifer & Jim

We’re two lifelong computer geeks with experience in all areas of software design and development. Over the past 30 years we’ve worked for large companies, small startups, and as independent contractors on projects of all sizes. Our development experience includes large scale C++ systems in the EDA industry, simulation, cartography, mechanical and electrical CAD, user interfaces, websites and web apps, and automated testing systems.

In addition to development, we have in-depth experience in sales/marketing, program management, product design, conferences/events planning, technical communications,  publishing, copy writing/editing, QA/testing, and meticulous detail-herding.

We specialize in native mobile app development and complete environment (server, iOS, Android OS, network, database, analytics) mobile solutions. We’ll work with you to design an app from the ground up, or will enhance an existing app, update to newest OS version and newest hardware, or port from iOS to Android or vice-versa. We can work with your project manager, lead your project, or coordinate with you and other teams.

Our background in marketing lets us help you create campaigns for your products or services using many tools: mobile apps, website, social media, print media, advertisements, and other methods of publicity and engagement. We’re based in Bellingham, Washington (about as far to the northwest as you can get in the lower-48), but have worked with clients on both coasts as well as locally.

Let’s talk about what solutions work for you!

Jennifer Longstaff:

15+ years user interfaces and general applications development. 10 years project management and marketing. Detail-freak extraordinaire. Coordinator and manager of large groups and projects. ESTJ. Cat lover, long-distance bicyclist, orchestra musician, fitness swimmer, coffee-drink connoisseur.

Washington State University – Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with Electrical Engineering
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Master of Science, Computer Science
University of Colorado, Boulder – Master of Business Administration, Operations Management/Marketing

University of Colorado Graduate School of Business: MBA Academic Excellence award, 1997

Jim Kruse:

20+ years designer/developer of large-scale software systems on multiple platforms and languages, involving hundreds of programmers and millions of lines of code. Automated testing developer, technical lead, juggler, cyclist, volleyball player.

Education: University of Colorado, Boulder – Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering with Computer Science

U.S. Patent 6,530,070 B2; Kruse, James W. Filed: March 29, 2001. Issued: March 4, 2003. “Method of Constraining Non-Uniform Layouts Using a Uniform Coordinate System.”